Professional thermal imaging services in Goulburn Valley

What is thermal imaging?
Thermal imaging is a form of camera technology that allows you to produce crisp images in even the darkest environments. Using infrared wavelengths, these cameras can measure the thermal signature of areas of all shapes and sizes, ranging from a small electrical box to your entire building. This data is then converted into a visual image that colourises heat, making it easy to spot thermal variances within the image.
Thermal imaging in the industrial sector
Thermal cameras are regularly used in the industrial sector to monitor electrical cabinets and motor control centres. These systems are scanned regularly to detect any temperature anomalies. If a piece of machinery’s heat level was to suddenly spike, for example, it would instantly be shut down or investigated to avoid costly damages.
Thermal imaging in the domestic, construction, and building sector
Thermal cameras are extremely useful when tracking temperature loss in buildings and homes. By tracking where heat is being lost, insulation can be installed in the appropriate places, often making for huge energy savings.
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The greatest benefit of thermal imaging is its ability to spot sudden spikes in heat levels. This allows you to prevent costly fires in your electrical systems, making your operations more reliable. Thermal imaging can be used to seek out loose connections too, along with lost phases in three-phase systems. By constantly monitoring your systems, you’re not only able to spot problems, you can also predict when they may occur in the future.
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