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What is an automation system?
An automation system is a centralised, interlinked network of hardware and software that allows you to easily monitor any kind of commercial, industrial or institutional facility. This system becomes the brain of your building, helping to improve operational performance and efficiency while keeping the people inside safe and comfortable.
Installing an automation system
Most automation systems are installed on new buildings or as part of a larger renovation project where outdated controls are replaced. Our team are experts in the installation of lighting automation systems, as well as a wealth of experience linking up a range of other systems. When it comes to automation in Goulburn Valley, you can do no better than Bonnett’s Staff Electrical Contractors.
Home automation with C-Bus
In the home, the microprocessor-based C-Bus system can control everything from lighting to electrical pumps, audio/visual devices, and motors, such as garage doors. Whether you have simple on/off lighting circuits or more complex variable systems, the C-Bus will be capable of handling the load.
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C-Bus Automation System
C-Bus automation
Do you find it frustrating when lights are left on in parts of your building that are unused for large periods of the day? Are you looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your building while significantly cutting energy bills? Our C-Bus system may just hold the answer.

By installing a series of light and occupancy sensors throughout your building, we can measure when rooms are vacated and when natural light is at an adequate level to allow lights to be turned off. If your office changes in the future due to renovations, we can easily add in and reprogram lighting groups to give you maximum control over your space.
Our C-Bus automation system is suitable for all kinds of commercial spaces, including:
  • Open plan offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Lifts, lobbies and atriums
  • Storerooms
  • Amenities including kitchens and bathrooms


With a Clipsal C-Bus automation system, your home can be upgraded to a smart home, ready for the 21st century. Imagine leaving work and being able to warm or cool your home before you even get there, or being able to turn your hallway light on before you even pull into the driveway. What if you could set up a home cinema mode that automatically dims the lights and triggers the surround sound system with the touch of a button. This isn’t a futuristic fantasy - this is now. Give your local home automation experts at Bonnett's Staff Electrical Contractors a call today to find out more.
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